Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unwrapping Revision

A while back we revisited the method of unwrapping a model so that it could then be textured which was really useful since as it turned out, we all had more or less completely forgotten how to do it.

For this task we were given a 3d model of an SAS soldier's head. In order to unwrap the seam tool to create seams along the areas that would need separating such as along the outside of the gas mask and along the edges of the different pipes along the mask.

After we had created our seams, all that was left was to pop the areas that were separated with the seams in the UV editor one by one so that they were positioned correctly and then scaled so that they were all the same scale.

Above is the render of the SAS head although it is a little untidy with areas not quite properly seperated, although this is easy to fix.