Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Render and Greyscale

Looking at how Valve created the different classes within Team Fortress 2 and using a similar procedure, we were tasked with creating a render of our 3d character as well as a grey scale of the T-pose. Although this isn't strictly 3d work it is very important as it helps me get a feel of how my character is going to look and what kind of aesthetics to go for.

The render came out quite well I felt, although I discovered how awkward it can be to draw a guy who has gangly arms and legs, it can be quite hard to get them into a half descent pose. This guy just looks like he's doing a little jig.. Alas I gained a sense of how my character would move and react so I felt that this exercise was a very good one.

Above is the grey scale of my front T-pose and you might notice that it has changed somewhat from the original mafia T-pose. This is a slightly altered T-pose where the arms are longer to try and make the character seem more stylised to try and make him fit in better with a Team Fortress 2 art style. However I now feel that his arms are too long and that they should maybe be shortened in the next version of the T-pose.

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