Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Additional Research

Having created the Operative class, and reviewed how his placement within the Team Fortress 2 family wouldn't be very strong or even believable due ti the fact that he stands out quite a bit from the other classes, I have taken another look at the appearances of the Team Fortress characters and looked at how casual they appear in-game.

Ultimately Team Fortress 2 is a brutal and violent game with people being blown to bits, but it is still very light hearted and this is mostly due to the way they move, play, die and appear to other players, and were the Operative class be introduced to Team Fortress 2 for real, there would be an uproar from Team Fortress 2 fans as he would not fit in. Therefore a redesign is in order.

Also my modelling skills have improved significantly since the start of the year and have made a very convincing monster model, which I'm very proud of.

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