Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Character - Further Designs

After looking at the classes within Team Fortress 2 to see of there is a role not yet fulfilled within the game the best I could see was an agressive stealth class. There is ofcourse the Spy which is a more of a hit and run class by backstabbing an opponent and then running for the hills before disguising themselves and going in once again.

And so the Operative Class was born.

I wanted a harrassment class who's role would be to sneak behind enemy lines and ambush the enemy team's reinforcements with traps, mines and silenced weapons.

The main inspiration ebhind this class was from Tom Clancey's Splinter Cell series as although the agents are stealthy they can also be quite deadly.

Of course I didnt want them to be overpowered or indeed seem powerful and so I kept their physique rather thin to hint that they are quite fragile and rely more heavily on their gadgets and traps than their brute strength to win fights.

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