Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Here is a rather complex chair that I created. It was surprisingly tricky, although I think this is more of due to the way in which I made the chair but rather than restarting and making the chair in a different and better method method. Which I really shouldn't do and will not do again.

Above is the refined chair after I had taken care of some of the minor faults. 

And then here are some of the flaws from the old chair.

  So I am going to avoid  having unseen faces as it makes the image more complicated than it has to be  and would also create problems if I were going animate or bend the object.

 Whereas here the problem here is that I wasn't connecting edges together however I was only connecting the edges where I needed them which lead to my edges looking really messy and my hidden edges to be completely messed up. Which although it didn't make too much of a mess for the chair, however were I to have a curved object then the object would be completely ruined.

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