Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Face Modelling

Next I was tasked with modelling another head from a selection of different templates, a face with edge loops shown, a 3d modelled face but with no edge loops shown, and photos taken from the front and side of a man. Since I wanted to challenge myself, I chose to model the man.

Firstly I had to draw where the edge loops would go on the templates to act as a guide for me whilst I modelled as I didnt want to challenge myself too much. Drawing in the edge loops itself was fairly hard and needed some help to do it, so I copied over templates of another head, lowered it's opacity and used it as a guide for drawing in my guide lines.

 With my templates competed I could then begin modelling the head. Although even with the edge loops drawn on to the templates I still found it quite difficult to model as they didn't line up and so had to use them only as a rough guide. Further more the templats were a little off and I hadn't picked up on this until I wasmodelling which through me off a little bit.

Despite making a good effort the 3D head still did have some issues such as the nose and the cheeks as they both looked rather rigid. Furthermore I found that the mouth was very flat and that the face in general was rather flat, although I still enjoyed modelling this head and I feel I have gained some more experience in modelling faces.

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